ResEvil Game Over Contest

Game Over Contest

Resident Evil: Dark Genesis
A fanfic.
Protagonists-Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield.


Set after the events of RE5 during a massive bio-terrorist attack on BSAA headquarters in London, Jill Valentine (who has become somewhat immune) must survive and brave once again the horrors of not just a multiple virus outbreak but also the hordes of bio weapons that have been unleashed in the massive attack. With her partner and colleagues exposed to the virus’ and incapacitated she must venture out alone to get vaccines deep within the research facility in the nearby university.

Claire Redfield unable to break into the quarantined zone to rescue her brother joins up as an advisor to a special forces team that‘s unfamiliar with BOW‘s, to hunt down the terrorist cell that launched the attack. 

The Contest

Do you remember the first time you where caught by a crimsonhead or one of the many brutal bosses like Neptune or Tyrant or when a reaper caught you in RE5 or when one of those chainsaws got a little too close? What about the time a hunter jumped and decapitated you? Or when Chief Mendez cut you in half and held up your legs whilst the rest of you tried crawl away?

Well, one of the most interesting and creative parts of any game is the various ways a character can die if you make a mistake. I mean seriously, how many different ways can you die? Quite a lot of ways apparently as evidenced all the way through the resident evil series. And it‘s a different death with every game.

So here’s a competition to put you talented artists to the test. Create an original wickedly gruesome and imaginative demise for our heroines should they fail against any of the beasties they cross. You are free to create your own monsters as long as they suit the series or use any of the many that have been established already but all their finishing kill moves should be new, not seen before in any of the games.

All submissions should have a 3 stage attack-

1-The grab or pin that gives the player a chance to break from or be rescued from.
2-The Fail -death blow.
3-The Aftershot-monster victory pose/dead body freeze before the You Are Dead screen fades in.

But this is not a definate rule, if you can visualize it in one go, then great. If you take more then no worries,just don’t draw it out too far ok.

You can use any Jill or Claire, any costume, even entirely new ones. You can also use any monster/boss whether from the series, other series like Left4Dead or DeadSpace for example or your own creation...but this is mostly, above all about creating all new game-overs sequences.

Just have fun, be creative and try and push it to as scary and horrific as you can...this is resident evil afterall, not final fantasy where you just fall to your knees and sigh when beat heh 

The judges are -

The Red Queen laurenw24 of Resident-Evil-Fans, dA’s largest Resident Evil Group.


The Founder of GarrysModMagic, rockcod, dA’s home of some of the best gmod deviants!

The Prizes

1st place - $150
2nd place - $100
3rd place - $50

5 runners up cash prizes of $20

Entrants require a paypal account to receive cash prizes.

The Rules, Usage and Judging

Submissions will be judged on their originality, “oh shit” factor and of course faithfulness to the look of the series and characters used.

No nudity, there is no porn in the games so there should be none in your submission, think of it as you getting to create a monster in the new res evil game and how it’d kill the player, not how it’d fck the player.

You may enter as many times as you wish and as the artists name is hidden from the judges you could win multiple prizes.

All art forms are welcome.

Due to the graphic and violent nature of this competition all entrants must be 18 years or over.

“Must it be Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield? I love them or can’t draw them very well.” This contest is based on a fanfic and is meant to be expanding it in a game script kinda way of what would happen if the player slipped up. If you can do a better zoey from left4dead than Claire then that’s fine as they are similar but that’s about as far a leeway as I’ll give.

Entry deadline Friday 13th August 2010. Winners will be announced on the 16th August 2010 with prizes sent the same day.

Please make submissions to and include your deviant page address or Facepunch username and paypal payment details.

Thank you and look forward to seeing what you awesome folk can come up with, any questions can be asked in this thread or if you have a dA account on my page - .


Please checkout the GameOver Contest helper, posted on beneath the poll, for further pointers and help suggestions :wink:

Seems like kind of a specific contest. I can’t see there being many original entries, if any at all. Also, that’s not a great deal of time to do this in either.

I’m guessing it’s not going to come down to originality, but more about who can make a better version.

You should just pay someone $320 to make the best game. :slight_smile:

Wait, that’s an art contest, not a coding contest.
You are paying people so they provide you with pictures of girls getting dismembered by zombies, you sick fuck. :colbert:

Actually, I wouldn’t mind looking at the entries. :q:

Already received quite a few, look at it as you getting to create whatever monster you wish and what it’d do if the player fails against your creation…resident evil is a series with so many different and imaginative ways monsters can kill you, it’s a major part of the series…take for example the 10-15 different ways chief mendez could kill you in res evil 4.

I personally am ok dying in a game loads of times if it’s just a bang and i’m dead-return to last savepoint and do again…if i die horrifically, violently and memorably then i genuinely freak out when i see certain monsters again-i fled the reapers and dogs in res evil 5 coz it was soo fcked up if they got me. It’s a survival horror game, you’re supposed to be scared of dying!

It’s being hosted on dA, all art forms are welcome so it’s not neccisarily about which looks best but which pieces are original, have an “oh shit” factor and of course are faithful to the look and feel of the series and characters used.

I have a survival horror mini game in mind and i’d pay alot more than that to get it made…this contest is influencing it in the game over department.

No, you are dead dead wrong, so wrong, not zombies…monsters! heh But seriously, i am a big fan of the originality of horror deathscenes and appreciate new ones in new games, i don’t get off on them, i marvel at things that manage to horrify me and are original,i like that boogeymen like jason vorhees manage to constantly come up with new ways to kill someone with a machete, it’s a fckn machete! And he’s killed like a 100 folk a 100 different ways with it…that, i find mighty impressive in the creativity department. I’d get bored of a game, especially a horror game, if i died the sme way every fckn time and it was lame and boring.

you sick fck hehe