Resident 4 Evil 2: Directors Cut Edition. DUALSHOCK 3 version. Part 1

Surely a tale for the ages, the current group of survivors are chased into a mansion where they will soon learn that laws still apply in a post apocalyptic zombie inhabited world.

This gripping drama will take the world of comics by storm!

Chapter 1: Revelation

Chapter 2: Discovery in D minor

Chapter 3: Escape?

**Ch4pter 4: Cliffhanger **

Part 2 to feature new over the shoulder comic reading with an action button feature and six-axis controls (wii port for part 1 coming soon)

Was that supposed to be funny

no its supposed to be a gripping drama can’t you read the OP

I chuckled.

stop laughing at my drama you’re ruining it!!!

I laughed too. It was a classic comedy!

stop laughing at my life’s work!

Your life’s work is shit.

Kill your self now…Dav0r will give you a title if you do.

who the fuck cares about titles on an internet forum bro

dav0r isn’t even a mod anymore bro


also don’t shitpost in my thread with comments saying my work is shit.

not as good as kovaces but your ok

What else can you answer to a troll comic?

At least this troll comic is funny, unlike your shit.

um this isnt a troll comic but ok


lol this is the best post ive ever read

A+ comic, would read again.

um no you’re wrong

i agree

ya kvoaces is the bets

part 2 changed my life

hmm not entirely that interesting. some of the poses are nice though :slight_smile: but nice try!

um these poses are shit by my standards

thanks tho