Resident Evil 0

Here is rebeccas 3 costumes, I’ll also be releasing both billy’s costumes when I finish them
default rebecca has been released a lot in the past so I updated her textures a bit and make a new normal map for her vest in z-brush
there might be some clipping or better rigging needed on some models but ill fix it when I release billy
face posing
eye posing
finger posig -use unrestrict axis-
jiggle bones
capcom for the models

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I like it.

Nondescript title, though.

I guess I should have named it Re0 main characters now that I think of it… since I wont be doing zombies

Nice work! She’s so cute.

oh god, the proportions on the second two seem way off, are they taken from another model? seems fine other than that.

Rebecca has always been my favorite RE character, nice work with her :v:

Kudos for the extra outfits Plasmid:smile:

Well, it’s better than the annoying BH1 (PSone Version) that sounds more like a 12 y/o than a gifted 19 y/o.

she had that kinda voice in RE chronicles though which sucked really bad

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the bone got messed up and pushed the head down a bit so… yeah… that happened

you should rip billy and some of the monsters

Just let him port what he wants.

did you even read the INFO? it says im going to port billy…

nice job, I know I said it with the last one but this is the best rebecca now. As someone already stated the neck on the two alts is a bit off. I see you plan to fix it which is good but even as is they are pretty good. Also I dread the inevitable nude model ARGH

nude model already been made with my models 3 times now

Little Becky now has a wardrobe now :D. Luckily she was not uploaded to since it appears to be fubared now :(.


But wasn’t a nude model of Rebecc- oh wait, that was the RE5 one you released some time ago…

hi mate great job, there is any way to take barry burton and use the model in RE5 as character , and the same thing with Edward (one of the character who die in Re 0)

omg, awsome release once again. thanks, i mean it.

I must be missing something because her eyes are pink and black.