Resident Evil 3 UBCS

2 Days ago I found a DOW(DAWN OF WAR)Mod.It was about Resident Evil Raccoon City incident.There are many UBCS models and the bad thing is that the mod is dead!I have 3 options:
1)Ask the guy who made them to give them to me(I don’t know if i’m ever going to find him)
2)Request the models
3)Make the models n my own(I have no idea about 3dmodelling but I can learn if there are any tutorials)
So what do you say?

Also n whick modelling program did he made them?
mod links–>

Or you could just get these:

UBCS from Resident Evil: Outbreak

UBCS from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

I was looking for something more classic :slight_smile:

The Outbreak ones are the closest to the RE3 ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK then :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the links blog cobalt and thanks for your advice rusty;)

sorry i mean bloocobalt