Resident Evil 4 Laser Corridor

I’ve been working on a recreation of the Laser scene from Resident Evil 4.

The scale accuracy is ~90% after ripping 3d scenes and tracing them with brushes.

Environment models are also ripped and converted.

To Be Done:
-Finish porting/placing environment models+textures
-Further adjust world lighting
-Some brush work

Will the Throne Room be included?
-Because of the complex architecture, probably not.
Will there be working Lasers?
-Unless someone would like to script some accurate-looking ones, probably not.
What’s the purpose of this map?
-I wanted to remake a part of RE4, so I did. It may be used for posing pics, ect.
Will you actually release something for once?
-Considering this is a relatively small-sized project, PROBABLY SO.

Can’t wait to see more.

Looks nice so far.

Haha, what a coincidence, I made a the exact same corridor yesterday with the lasers. But yours looks 100 times better! If you need help with the lasers, I can. Fully working and repeatable.

Where’d you get the 3d scenes from if I may ask?

Resident Evil 4 on pc. Used a 3d ripper, then imported the frames into 3dsmax.

Ah, I copied mine from the movie. You want me to do the lasers for you?

That whole corridor is a model right? and you are gonna use it in source?
Risk is that you wont have correct lighting effect.

I think he said that he ported the model then made brushes to look exactly like it.

No. I traced a model of the world with brushwork. The only models in the corridor itself are the spotlights, security cameras and throne room switch. If it wasn’t apparent, the first picture is a screenshot in HL2.

oh, i thought the whole room was a model, sure looks like it.