Resident Evil 4 Merchant Npc

Can someone use this ragdoll here to make the npc or if you have the files from gmod tower i think they have it as well i have searched all over for a version of him as a npc but i cannont find any at all

Gotta wide selection on offer, stranger.

Seriously though this would be cool :woop:

yea i need it for a gamemode im helping make its a post apoc zombie roleplay called daybreak when we get more stuff done on it ill post a list of features and some stories the model is for our trader as you can probably guess so i need it pretty badly

can no one do this or am i missing something?

  1. Nobody wants to spend ages making this, which is unfortunate
  2. There are very few people who are taking requests atm

The ragdoll with have animations on it.

You would have to create an entity, Use the RealFrameTime() think function for the animations to run smoothly. And give him some on use code for some derma.

“What are you buyiiiiiiiiiiin?”

Im sure its simple to understand.