Resident evil 5 Characters Models + Resident Evil 1 Model Viewer

Models in format .SMD



Resident Evil 1 Model Viewer

with this tool you can view the models from Resident Evil 1



This file contains the tool + Character Models

Posted 1 minute ago? :v:

Great! Someone should get those black civilians into Gmod. :smile:

I sure hope jill will be Rigged. :smile:

can you extract the weapons from re5??
sorry for my inglish XD

Thank you again luxox! You do really wonderful things here :slight_smile: I’ll enjoy these models and look forward to your next project


oh man those bsaa guy with gas mask looks awesome! somebody please ragdoll them!

Is there Wesker uroboros???

Such Detail.

hey luxor, can you describe in the image the name of each of them? thx

I believe Bloo and -Rusty- are already working on rigging some BSAA soldiers. The gas-mask ones look pretty awesome, though I’m not certain if they’re doing those ones too.

I really hope people will start using the gas-masks from the military Majini on other models.

More soldiers, yay!



If you want majinis you can find some in this thread

Someone needs to port Irving. Lord knows I can use a annoying comic relief villain.


Нужно сделать пак полный :3
Need great full pack of RE.

are those models for xnalara

Don’t suppose anyone would be willing to port the chick in the bottom right hand corner next to the 2 white and orange ninjaish looking dudes?

Uhh, how do I install these models for gMod? I’m not sure what to do with .smd files.