Resident evil 5: jill raven (or cloak if you want)

So, I just put this idea here.

I don’t know if it could be hard to extract the model, i never try.
But i found the link to use it like a replacement skin

here’s the link:

and the forum link:

more info of the model:

the only problem is the cloak, like the guy said in the description, he had no physics : /

So if annyone wanna try to did it i will appreciate.

If i remember Fedge made alot of Resident evil 5 stuff. This would be nice though

i send im a request

Bump, he didnt respond : /
So did annyone wanna try?

I have the cloak, but the rigging is a bit wonky and WIP and it’s not on Jill. But if you want it I can send it./t]

why not, but are you able to put the raven mask too?

and nice job for the headhack


Theres one on XNALara, if anyone wants to port it :slight_smile: