Resident Evil 5: Jill Valentines in Tight Suit

Hi, after viewing mario and some other peoples project about the cool Resident Evil models and hot Ada, Jill etc, In Resident evil 5, Jill has returned! with a story that she has become a secret guy that wears a mask.

And many people was like, Oh! Jill in Resident Evil 5 Become so sexy especially in the tight combat suit that from Wesker.

So Basically I am requesting the Jill and etc from Resident Evil 5.

If any1 have time and interested in Jill and tight combat suit, too. Then let’s hope we got Jill Valentines in tight combat suit’s ragdoll

ofcurse, If we got some sexy muscle Chris, I dont mind too.

It can’t be done until the pc version is released as no one has any experience with assembly programming too reverse engineer the 360 or ps3 game so ya gonna have too wait sorry :frowning:

too bad :frowning: it will be good if anybody make it that model
Another vote for the jill model here :slight_smile:

all i can suggest is if some one re animates the clothes part of jill valentine

Is it ok if i ask for the thread title to be changed? Jill being in Resi 5 was spoiled to me ages ago, but others may be spoiled by it now so…Yeah…Spoilers :/…

Actually After I checked, the offically way to call that is, Jill Valentines in Battle Suit, With brain washed.

i think in this month is gonna be released residen evil 5 for pc, so i hope someone can rip the model and make it :slight_smile: please

This reminds me, there’s this modded verison of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Underworld in the style of Jill in the Battle suit, for “XNALara”.

EDIT: You can see it and download it for XNALara here:

this is my mode

Hey thanks to both of you for the model :slight_smile:
But i don’t know what is “XNALara”

It’s a free fan-made program that allows you to pose characters and objects from Tomb Raider: Underworld.

interesting… a nice base to start from. the face needs changing and more stuff added to the body.

Anybody? interesting? noo? =(

soooo… when did she turn blonde?

anyone? anyone?

I think Wesker did that. Guess he’s into blondes.

Blonde huh? So Wesker infected her with the stupid virus then?

Baa-dumm-dum rimshot =P

Kidding aside, here is an excerpt from the RE Wiki:

“Her body was never found and she was presumed dead. In truth, however she had survived, but was badly injured and unconscious. Wesker then took Jill, and intended to use her as one of the first test subjects in his Uroboros Project. Placing her in cryogenic sleep, Wesker discovered an abnormality within Jill’s body: a remnant of the t-virus infection from Raccoon City, which had been reactivated by the cryogenic stasis. As the virus disappeared, it left in its place powerful antibodies, which Wesker then used in order to help make the Uroboros less poisonous, thus giving human subjects a better chance of surviving infection. As a result of the antibody extraction, Jill’s hair became a light blond color, and her skin became paler due to etoiliation.”

they have an explanation!

i wouldve been so pissed xD

Well now that RE5 is out on pc, any luck?

I could get the model out, but you’d have to get someone to rig it.

Simkas, could you release the model anyway? It’s valuable to just have the 3DS Max model anyway. Cheers