Resident Evil 5 Ports

At the request of Urbanator, I re-ported both Wesker and Jill, and used the Cinematic versions this time. There are around 8(?) bodygroups for Jill, and some skins for hair colour, and the veiny shit on her chest.

Wesker is mostly the same as before, except he has proper facial flexes now, and I gave him his Samurai Edge gun. Also included his coat as a ragdoll for those who might find a use for it.

Also credit to Urbanator for amazing pics and testing these.

Current Downloads -
Albert Wesker

Battlesuit Jill

Old Downloads
Sheva Pack 2

Chris Plain Outfit

Wesker STARS

The Executioner

El Gigante/Ndesu

Chris Pack - Thanks to Jonox for texture editing on Chris’ skingroup.

Red Executioner

Jill Valentine BSAA

Sheva Alomar Pack - Thanks to Jonox for texture editing on Sheva’s skingroup.

Excella Gionne

I’ll replace the Current Downloads with whichever is my latest port, and add the previous into the Old Download section. That should keep things neat and tidy, yes?

Also, would anyone be able to supply me pictures to show these? I don’t quite have ‘it’ when it comes to making nice screenshots. lol

AWESOME! Thanks man. I’m happy Х)

The Executioner was released just about right, thanks man!

Thank you for porting =)

thank bro!

Ah, well done :slight_smile: all nice and easy to find in one location. Does anybody know if the Black Executioner Majini as been done by anybody? Also a default Sheva that looks as awesome as these models?

Nice work and BIG thanks


You, sir, are a magic machine.

Great job dude, keep it up!

Just an advice though, I would not port the mutant guys because they rarely are useful, even for comics and stuff…

Love the Picture thank you for Porting Fedge :3

Holy fuck. Like I said Fedge you’re like a fucking god!

yea you are a Fucking God

No he is god!

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Hey Fedge, for the models…do you open up their .arc files? If so I’ve helped you out a bit for everything for the characters…

Pretty much shows all of the .arc files for the characters and so on, in which the normal Executioner’s .arc is:
uEm6c.arc = Axe Executioner

So hopefully I helped a bit :3

Yeah I had a look at that, but I think they’ve got the names mixed up. All I found in that .arc was a rat, a bat, and a vulture. :\

Will you be porting any weapons? Vehicles? More NPCs/enemies?

Hmm I’ll take a look in it to see :stuck_out_tongue: But yea now you have all of the lists of characters, guns, and so on so yea. Now it’s a bit helpful I guess.

Sure, just let me know what you’re after. Props should be really quick and easy.

You seem to be spitting out this stuff faster then I can keep track, you’re a beast man. Thanks for all the awesomeness.

Haha I’m just trying to find the Main Executioner. The only way seems to be the Figures. But not sure what else I’m after lol.