Resident Evil 6 Models

Models are from a L4D2 mod. Archive also contains RE6 models of Chris and Muller. Got full face and finger posing in Gmod.
I have the permission from both Splinks and Pajama911 to upload this on Workshop as soon as I get this hexed.

adas face looks like plastic

And Leon looks like Tony Hawk

Tony Hawks? Who is that fellow?

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Splinks and Pajama911 is coming for you. Sorry dude. Can’t protect you.

Wot,how can you not know who is Tony Hawk? He was an American champion skateboarder back in the day,also not to mention he had his own game series “Tony Hawks Pro Skater”.

Ah that dude. Well I am Norwegian and hate skate boards games. Can’t blame me for my apparent ignorance on the matter can you^^

Not really threadworthy.

Actually these obvious errors (white arrows) are way worse. The entire lower arm of Leon came out horribly. Just pointing out what you missed.
You are not the all knowing critic you think you are. No offence. Just my opinion.

Aren’t you in a way? I mean you say that the screenshot area is just filled with “shitty gun poses and there isn’t enough pussy” yet the majority of people on the site are young teens and stuff. If they wanted to get off to something they could go to Fast Threads.

I wish you guys would read what I actually write. I never said they were shitty, I said they were boring. Huge difference. And I never said more pussy.
I know the rules. So do you.

Seriously just drop this shit now, it’s annoying to see this sort of crap everytime Rastifan makes a thread, it’s not even remotely funny anymore either.

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Neither are alot of poses but at least he can pose and make a decent looking picture unlike some new people who make complete shit yet nobody says the same thing to them.

I can read, asshole.

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Are you seriously defending this guy? He’s some fucking creep who doesn’t understand how to keep shit to himself and I don’t want to see his creepy sex fanfic shit on the forum. Hell, he MADE a forum for that stuff, but he doesn’t use it apparently. I’m also done with you being a complete moron by acting like a goddamn white knight.

How is this relevant to the Ada and Leon pose?

I was answering Ghost’s question about why I dislike you a lot.

He told you to drop it. He was not asking for your personal opinion about me. Stop derailing this thread.

hey look new posts in this thread wonder if there’s anything intere-

The phong on the lady’s face looks absolutely terrible.

I know. Will try to fix that when the models get hexed. But porting from L4D2 mods have always been a shaky affair.
But the finger and face posing was surprisingly good. Even though Leon looks permanently angry.

that was roughly what the first reply to this thread was about too

i’ve been waiting for this moment, Katatonic, the topic is back on the rails at last. the circle is now complete; last time i was but a commenter, now you are the poster