Resident Evil 6 - USTANAK

The Ustanak from Resident Evil 6

• Bodygroups for:

  • Gear (x2)
  • Grenades
  • Charges
  • Muzzle
  • Claw to Minigun
    • Fingerposer extras:
  • Eyeball (right Hand - 1st joint of the Pinky Finger)
  • Minigun Ammunition Tank (right Hand - 2nd joint of the Pinky Finger)
    • 5 movable Hair Parts (keep in mind when using Stand Pose Tool)

Special Thanks to Squiddy for the Detail Texures
Special Thanks To MarioKart64n

Original Model by Capcom




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A giant horrible monster with a triple minigun for an arm? Oh Mask, but I didn’t get you anything…

He looks really damn good in-game. Nice work.

Great work as always, Mask!

Interestingly enough, ‘ustanak’ means “the rising” in Croatian
Also: pretty good job there

Mask, you sexy man, keep it up!

Nice job.

You’re a machine, nuff said.