Resident Evil Adaptation

**Project Aim:**

Use Ripped RE models, and bring them up to “Nextgen” and “HiDef” standards.

thanks to ghostline, we were able to extract game models from one of the most important
and keystone games in the RE series to date. remake was the center piece of all the RE
games, and hosts just about every RE character in the entire RE series.

it was always my intention to use these models in another CAPCOM game, like RE5, or RE4.
unfortunately RE4’s PC port sucked incredibly… and well RE5 still does not have any mesh
import tools yet. so until then, I’m going to embark on this project to get the remake models
up to speed with current gen specs :slight_smile: so when and if RE5 modding comes around, things
will be in order and we’ll still have this nice RE tribute in gmod.
>to clarify this topic was not made to spite DXP’s project. I wanted to help, but people felt
best if I started my own topic. so in no particular order I will be porting my favorite RE characters.

Pending WIPs:
-Berry Burton
-REUC Monster Pack (pack1 70%done)

Available Ragdolls
[please do not redistribute ragdolls, these are strictly BETAs]
-Nemeisis [ ]
-Jill WIP [ ] Mirror: [|_BETA| ]
-barry(beta) [ ]

End Note:
Feel free to offer ideas to better the models and their gmod ports.
eventually each ragdoll should have face, eye, and finger posing and should be high resolution


>>>>AUG 14 / 09
resculptured berry’s vest in mudbox and generated normals maps and ambient occlusion for lowpoly vest.
created the spec map, and started work on the high resolution diffuse map.

>>>>AUG 15 / 09
thought I’d change up the pace, and get barry into gmod. I had his model put aside a few years ago, so I opened that up and rigged it with a REUC skeleton. while rigging the model, I discovered I had goofed in 2007 when I extracted the model. I had welded the entire model, and actually welded by too much and the mouth was basically glued shut O_O. So Dumped RE Remake again, and organized files better this time. I have a near complete list of everything in the game… but anyway got barry rigged, just need to come up with a solution about his gun hoslter. having it where it is, I can’t use any spines :\ In the mean while I’ve been now working on the pants in mudbox.

>>>>AUG 16 / 09
Pants were tricky, since half the model’s UVs are shared to optimize the UVs. so I had to delete half the pants in order for the normal projection to generate maps properly. this presented some normal seams and tears
Got tired of the mudboxing, so got barry compiled, and setup the Hl2 materials. spent time experimenting and setting the phong for the model. untilI realised barry was 110% larger then the rest of the HL2 ragdolls. so I have to put eye posing on hold, until I figure out how to correctly scale barry.
Spartan also got intouch with me today, and we discussed ideas about texture maps. I’ll be using and merging alot of his stuff into mine. I also started work on recreating high res gloves. still alot of work to do there.

>>>>AUG 17 / 09
Spent pretty much all my time fixing barry’s weights… um… and there still not right

>>>>AUG 18 / 09
No updates, had to go job hunting, and I been pretty depressed about being unemployed. so today I registered into a temp agancy… and again have been feeling rather sick about that situation. I took a temp agancy job before, and people treat you worse then dog shit. the economy in canada’s pretty shitty now. our government’s obviously lying through there teeth, cause canada’s getting no better! :frowning:

>>>>AUG 19 / 09
ok here I am at 2AM >_< ha really I should be in bed and up early to to hear back from the employment office… but fuck it. stress, stress,stress
Pop’d in RECVX and did some ripping. thanks to on screen loading or drawing what ever you want to call it. most models will get Tposed in the scene, right before a cinema sequence. meaning I should be able to rip some things in a Tpose from CV. although the problem there is that the hands, bodies and heads are all separated… so this creates a duck hunt for me :frowning:
…anyway I should head to bed

>>>>AUG 20 / 09
no updates, but YAY :slight_smile: got an interview. wish me luck.

>>>>AUG 31 / 09
Sorry, ever since I started this new factory job(btw I make circuit boards) they want. overtime,overtime OVERTIME. working 12-16hour days :frowning:
…not much I can do, I really need a job to pay the bills and don’t want to come off as unappreciative. jobs in ontario are really sparse these days :frowning:
the projects gonna be in limbo likely for awhile

REuc > HL2 :: 1054%
Kent > REuc ::414.976
RE1re > REuc :: 161.256% -/94.892

Needs less phong.

Well considering he’s showing off the model and not the skin, the phong isn’t really an issue.

Good to see you haven’t dropped the RE project altogether.

Good luck man, hope it turns out all cool.

Don’t forget Wesker too :smiley:

I was talking more about Nemesis and Jill that anything, should have specified.

yes, MrWhiteFolk has expressed that the phong was too excessive. so I’ve decreased phong a rimlight considerably. the cammy release should show my new phong standards.

any new models I make, I’ll reuse the values that people prefer the best, in this case cammy’s had no complaints so i’ll be recycling her VMTs

I need help with the STARS logo, I tried to recreate it in a higher resolution, but I don’t know photoshop. I use paint :frowning: so maybe someone can clean this up and tweak it a bit.


Lol paint?

Well the font looks right, but just how high res do you want it?

I gave you an artistic to counter the dumbs. Looks kick ass so far.

Here. Do me a favor and get Photoshop, or use Aviary (Somewhat limited browser based Photoshop) or something.

Logo looked fine so I left it.

You could try and use the original texture map as a displacement map and then clean it up in mudbox. Saves you time and you’ll have base to start from.


thanks for the info, I didn’t know you could bake a displacment map into the mesh. i’ll have to test it out sometime.

also I tried learning some photoshop, but it landed pretty horrible.

here’s a quick comparison animation, I’m not really pleased with how the normal map looks on the lowpoly :frowning:

the first one is from GC, the second one is the one created in mudbox. believe it or not, but Remake supported normalmaps, unfortunately the size fo those maps make them near useless.
old map

new map

How high is the high poly?

I used 5 levels i think, the poly count is; 1,612,800

Oh God, it’s looking awesome!

Hey Mario, I made a higher resolution version of the Stars logo you posted in a tiff format (with the spelling correction gib pointed out), hope it is of help.

Errrm, I already remade the vest normalmaps and a new texture from scatch. Remember?
At first I thought you where helping me, by asking for facial reference in my own thread, now your making your own?

Props to you.

no offense but your normal maps looked texture generated, which are different then model generated texture maps.

the face maps I requested are for rebecca’s new face diffuse, which I had to place on hold due to the Cammy port requested by MrWhiteFolk. when that was completed some crap went down in the other RE topic, and I was asked to do my own topic. I lost sight of my original priorities, and just tossed this up. it was always my idea to use mudbox to reconstruct normal maps

I just pickedup barry’s model, and started with the largest item; his vest. and thought it be fun to do up in mudbox. it was in no way directed to piss you off, and I’m very sorry if that offended you. it was a huge mistake on my part, I had totally forgotten you were doing this already.

seriously this is a total misunderstanding, I’m sorry that you feel underminded, but if there’s anyway I can make this up to you, let me know.

the second set of text is a different font, did you use vectors to rebuild the original print on the vest, or is this some font in photoshop?

How about we work on this thing together then? I have remade the diffuse from scratch and has a chance to look really ballin’ with your mubboxed normalmaps.


You people of face punch are a really strange bread.

You praise his normals, you praise my skin. But you all hate mario, and spam me dumb rateings when I want to make the best possible reskins FOR YOU BENEFIT!

You even rated mario dumb because he answered someones bloody question. I know the rateing is meaningless, but it is rather annoying. Like a retarded kid playing in a sandbox flinging dirt around at everyone. Sure it will wash right out, but still, what the fuck?

Calm the fuck down, both of you kids. I see where mariokart64n’s getting at and I see why he wanted to use his own normals. Mudbox and ZBrush are kickass in doing that shit, while texture-generating normal maps usually has a certain quality to it I can’t put my finger on. I don’t understand why you’re all fucking eachother in the ass for respect for your work. Do both of you realize that you’re doing high quality work for a forum full of 16 year olds who basically just play games? Most of them don’t really care how much work you put into something, as long as it looks good.

Alright I’ve had my share in this little argument. I hope Chris Redfield’s next. :smiley:

Bugger me, did my 5 dumb rateings magically vanish to be replaced by a friendly, or is this a glitch?

It’s vectors, without the original font to work with, it is the next best thing. I used illustrator for this task, also if you want to make vector art for free there is an free application named Inkscape. A link about that app follows…

Also there is an free app that is like photoshop 7 called g.i.m.p (graphic image manipulation program) this is also free the link follows…

also a Photoshop-like Layout for GIMP folllows