Resident evil dark side chronicles: Alexia

i’m new to the whole, requesting thing, but i would really like someone to make Alexia from the resident evil dark side chronicles in human form, and no, not for sex posing, for other posing, such as, movies, comics, and horror posing, it would be awsome if someone could make her in her human form, i dont really care much for her first transformation form, but that would become handy in the future, for horror posing

That would be awesome but ah you said human form twice…

i’m still porting from DSC so consider it on my list.

really?, awsome, and no im not a pervert, it…er…or …“she”, you know what i mean, would be useful for a movie i’m making (well, that depends on what a movie is to youl) and i’m in DESPERATE need of an Evil Female character, who could be used to fill in the role of “evil queen”, and trust me, i wish i could help/ do it myself, i really do, but i’m no good at the whole ragdoll creating/hexing/porting thing, so yea, if/when you finish porting her, if/when i use her in my movies or comics (comics mainly on deviant art), i will be sure to thank you.

Well actually I don’t troll in every thread. You see you freaked out and called everyone dumb for rating you dumb. Now, do you see me rating MIDGERM dumb? No. So please stop acting like you’re going to save the forums. You’re just spamming threads. I would kindly support this thread, although I have never played RE:DSC, but still.

I give an Agree. I wished that I could give 8999 more, but FP only allows one rating per post per user.

i just remembered a question i wanted to ask, but forgot to, because i dont know what or how people are able to port things from other games into Gmod, will she have the following:

her dress and shoe’s (from when she encounters Clair and Chris redfeild before she mutates)
face posable
finger posable
Eye posable

sorry for the questions, if there annoying, i apologize, but i haven the sliest clue how people do it

i just thought of something els i wanted answered too, what other characters are you porting?
Plasmid has already done clair and Manuela

Since I have all the models extracted, whatever mood i’m in I suppose.

ah, i see, well thats cool, i understand too, i’m doing the same thing with my movies…or am i just being lazy…hmm. dont remember :D, anyway, is all cool, but if you CAN upload any ragdoll’s anytime soon, could you possibly, kindly make it Alexia?, i’m not telling you to, just asking, cause Alexia would be useful in lots of my movies, also do you have left 4 dead 2, if yes, i could use a hand in making some funny things in a server called “lethal injection”.

i have a question, regarding the models you say you have i guss, are you only able to extract models (ragdolls) from games that are for PC, because i think i remember hearing Plasmid say he was porting the Isabela from the nintendo Wii, how dose that work, the whole porting thing,dose the game have to be PC or at least made by the same companny?

no with the right tools you can port from any game pc or console

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its just harder to port from console games

uuh, before its too late (you know, before the thread closes) dose anyone have any updates on how they are going on the ragdoll, that is to say you have made something (not that i’m implying that you are lazy, who ever you are, just checking up)…so yea, if anyone has created this ragdoll…sweet, if not, ah well, theres always the future