Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

-face posibility
-eye posing
-finger posing (use unrestrict axis
-Jiggle boned! cause everything is better with jigglebones
-skin grouped has burnt and regular dress

-face posibility
-eye posing
-finger posing (use unrestrict axis
Body groups, for her vest version

-Jiggle boned! cause everything is better with jigglebones

I’ll be working on this in packs of a character. each pack will be for each character
first is claire
This model has
-face posibility
-eye posing
-finger posing (use unrestrict axis
Body groups, every model has about 4-5 body groups
for the belts glasses ect.
-Jiggle boned! cause everything is better with jigglebones
There are 4 models contained
-code veronica costume
-cow girl costume(new)
I will be porting from this game, the main characters no others so dont ask who I will be porting just keep in mind who the main characters are.
** picture**(does not show code veronica model)

now before you download this, please read above even if it looks lengthy because it explains everything you need to know, if you ask in a comment something that is in this post I wont answer it.
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Amazing, more RE characters to add to my collection.

At last a Claire model with face posing. Was working on a RE pose and tried to use the other model out there. The one with no face or finger posing. I gave it up. She looked deader that the zombies.

Thanks a lot for this plasmid.

YESS.Thankk yoou

hay can i give you my Model Ada Wong and if you can make Her For G Mod Please :3

and One Thing YOUR Models when i use the Model Manipulator on SOme of the NPC The Mouth Is MOVING THI IS JUST awesome But can you make It For NPC too i mean your Models it will be Fucking awesome to play with Her onr see her in action For Alex :stuck_out_tongue:
have a Look Its SO Awesome :3

I wont answer the ada wong question cause you must not have read the main post on who im porting
and no to npcs.

nice but yeah the left arm is stiff and the neck is way to flexible. I tried switching costumes using Model Manipulator and the results are horrific. body parts spread all over the place or in wrong position, doesnt work well with MM. might be something your doing wrong cause most models work.

Keep in mind, this is a WIP release. I’m sure plasmid will take care of the bugs in due time.

Oh, and plasmid - kickass job, they’re all kinds of great!

whats model manipulator? have no idea why your switching costumes with a tool or what that does
as for the phys ill fix that

ok I noticed the right hand doesnt move, well another thing that will be fixed, but any WIP release will have errors like stated above, just in case anyone didnt read it

oh i see No NPC then But do you have Ada Wongs High Deff Head and Body From the Cutscenes of Re4 ???

yes, since im porting “the main characters” I do have the models, btw im not porting from re4 just darkside

But Her face In Dark side is Ugly D: its the Low Poly Head DX please if you want i will give you Her Model it have Her HighPoly head and Hair too :3 please D:

but its exactly the same model =S

Such things please me.

And on behalf of -Rusty-, I am sure these things will please him too.

am No D: there is BIG differences between Her In game face and In the Cutscene Face :3

stop :smiley: using xD those :stuck_out_tongue: goddamn :3 smilies D: please

Yeah in 4, you honestly think that capcom the masters of reusing old material would actually make a new model of her for DSC? its the same model as the one from 4 believe me i’ve looked at all the models when i documented them.

In all seriousness, I hope this gets done unlike most of the other mass port projects.

well its not a mass port project, just the main characters so it will get done easier

stop it, there isnt a difference, dxp and I and all the other people who have worked on RE stuff would know that cause we ported from re4 and others before
no I dont need your ada model i’ve ported everything from re4 long ago :smiley: :3, D; XD, X3 O_O, :stuck_out_tongue:

OK guys have a Look and Tell me WITCH is Better >__>
This is Her Original face

and the Cutsenes Models Head

NOW do you see How Different THEY ARE <_<
the Cutsenes Model Is Better Then the Original one D: