Resident Evil: Dead Reuinon. (W.I.P)

To clarify things up I fully understand the license of this game’s series and there for all work belongs to its original owner Capcom.

Hello! I’m currently working on a project called Dead Reunion.
this will be a game-mode in Garry’s mod for many fans of the resident evil series, however.
I lack the ability to code and only just started to do animation, I can texture, model and animate sadly coding is what makes a game.
here is where you fans come in. if you or someone you know has skills in these areas:
then contact me by sending me an inbox on here :slight_smile:
project updates will happen when i have a team together!

I don’t really want to see blueprints in this section.

1 post? Oh charming…However I despite you giving your trust to anyone.

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