Resident Evil Garrysmod 2

Here is the Second Resident Evil Garrysmod, This one however has been improved tremendously. If you are familiar with the first one, it was extremely buggy, and hardly playable, this one already is more stable and a much needed improvement.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the original Resident Evil Garrysmod, then I will explain to you about it.

The game is split into 3 stages,

- Preparation Mode
Players gear up in the merchant room, buying, upgrading, and loading up their weapons. Free weapons are available to new players, and free items are available as an added bonus. Players then are teleported to the actual map or they are moved their by other conventional means ( I.E an elevator )

- Battle Mode
Not much to say, this is where the players test their weapons and their skill. Depending on how well each individual player does here determines the amount of money they will receive when they die, or the round ends. Zombies begin to spawn here, and if enabled spectating players will become crows and peck at the survivors.

  • End Mode**
    Here the players vote for the next map, the difficulty, and the game mode. Its an anti-Climax mode, where everything begins to settle down.

The premise of this game is zombie survival, Survivors are thrown into a map ready to fight the horde of zombies, there are various game modes.

- Survivor
This is the run-of-the-mill zombie fighting game mode, players kill zombies in order to reach a certain kill limit. If this limit is reached, then the surviving players are awarded a bonus for staying alive and keeping others alive, the more people that survive the round, the more money everyone gets.

**- V.I.P ( Very Important Person )
**One player is selected to become a VIP, the VIP is vital for the other survivors, they must protect him for a certain amount of time in order to receive a large bonus. The players who perish in the battle will still earn money if the VIP survives, this game mode is heavily based on teamwork. The VIP has a gravity gun and may snatch items from beyond the reaches of players, and then either supply his team-mates or supply himself.

**- Mercenaries **
This game mode is a competitive fight between all players, who-ever has the most kills wins this mode. Hour-glass objects are placed around the map, and if knifed or run into will increase the time-limit allowing for other players to catch up.

- Escape
All players work towards a common goal, to escape. Depending on the settings of a map, the players will either split a large lump of cash, or be awarded their own separate share. Depending on the amount of survivors players will receive an extra bonus for good team work, or not so good team work. **

There are 5 different difficulties, Easy, Normal, Difficult,Expert and Suicidal. Each one has their own set of data and rules, The drop rate of items are affected, the spawn rate of zombies are affected, the attack speed of the zombies are affected and the health of the zombies are affected. As time goes on each difficulty begins to reveal how hard they truly are. The harder the difficulty the better the rewards.

The Upgrades:
In Resident Evil Garrysmod 2 there are 18 guns, and all 18 of those guns have upgradable stats, so go ahead, pimp out your rifle, shotgun, pistol, or smg. Or if your feeling lucky, go upgrade your rocket launcher.

*This will make your gun pack some more punch, dropping zombies just got easier!
Cant aim? Upgrade this to make it just a bit easier.
-Clip Size

Run around with a handgun that can hold 50 rounds, don’t worry we won’t complain

  • Firing Speed
    *Need moar bullets in less time? Few tweaks and your good to go… for a price.

-Reload speed*
Hate to have to wait? We’ll then you are in luck, new to RE2 the reload speed upgrade.

Avoid zombies, they can be hazardous to your health. If hit by a zombie, players can become infected. Basically its a gradual decline and if you can’t find a cure then you will perish

Players have an inventory that they use to carry around guns, ammo, cures, and first aid sprays. It does have its limits, and you must choose your load-out carefully.

Other Info

Every Game mode has the classic option, which makes regular zombies most common, and players are only able to shoot through ironsights.

Ironsights increase accuracy and decrease movement speed

Players can vote for the ability to become a crow.

Players can Vote for the time to gear up.

Listen Servers do work, players just can’t grab beyond the invisible walls.

Game play Preview,

                             [View YouTUBE video](             



Please I beg you, do yourself a favor and get this content pack, its like 500 + files. Here’s the link, you wont be disappointed.
The beta is going on, the Ip will be **

Mapping Info

To map for Re2 your going to need a merchant starting room. A base room that can be used is

It gives you everything you need to make a map for RE2 except for the map spawn points, which will be called


you are going to need this for the players to get to the actual map. To add it, create an info_player_spawn then right click and goto properties, then type in the name box “Re2_player_round_start” and press enter right after you type that in. Then hit apply.

There are two logic_relays in the start room, they can control map outputs. There is a relay named Re2_Round_Start and Re2_Merchant_end. To add an output that gets called on the start of the map or the end of the map, simply add the output with the trigger “OnTrigger”.

Zombie spawns are called “ent_zombie_spawn”

if you are mapping an escape map, you need to add an entity “func_win” and to trigger the survivors winning, add an input “Win” to it.

NOTE: I will try and add the content to a fast dl soon, however there are no guarantees on my shitty connection. Since I ran the last RE server, I’ve gone and cleared it to stock, and the only addon I’ll put on is Assmod (for the sake of administration). Also, the server is only 12 slots, so depending on popularity you might have trouble getting in.

Looks good so far!

by the way, are you gonna make a seperate gamemode strictly for a tutorial so no one roams into the servers asking how to play?

Looks amazing as usual great work Noobulatorz[URL=“”].

We appear to be having technical difficulty with the server currently. It doesn’t like rcon for some reason. Times out. If anyone can help me fix this, please do pm me.

I know some rcon, I would be happy to help, can’t wait to try RE2 :slight_smile:

K, slight change of plan, ip is now, and rcon is working again. Still re-uploading the content and gamemode however as the server was re-reinstalled.

i saw the vid and i must say that is some big ass rocket launcher

More bang for your buck! Moar cowbell in Re2.

I’m not going to be around for the test most likely, but the gamemode is stable and almost bug free so it shouldn’t be a problem.

*Please note that the ip has changed slightly, its port is not 27040 rather than 27023
the new ip is

Whats the password to the server? i played the previous resident evil garrysmod, pity that there werent any decent servers…

The server is unlocking at 8:00PM EST time, 6 hours to go. There won’t be a password, a few of us are doing some last bug testing.

ahh ffs… will be asleep then… stoopid night time… cant live without it though, eh?

there will be new maps i hope ? to bad that the clock is 4 am in Sweden when you release it =/
/me sits for hours and try to crack the damn pm!
(and noob, do you still want my UGLY shit map that maybe not even going to work ? =D )
/me get on his knees and BEGS noob to let him in before he go crazy

Server stability tests are good so far. Looks like we’re all set. All of the old RE1 maps are still here, so you won’t be missing them.

any new ?

After playing with noob and some more for a wile i have only one thing to say, THIS IS FUCKING IMBA!!!
Ty for letting my try noob

Server’s now up and ready to be played.

whats the mapping info? I would liek to try and make a map for this, is it the same as re1?

No its different, the only thing that is the same is the barricades. I will post the info tomorrow.

Mapping info has been updated a bit. I will add more stuff when I get the time