Resident Evil Garrysmod 2


[release]I have finished this project enough to release it.
**Gamemode: **
**Mapping gamemode:


This will allow you to test your gamemode, it mimics the spawning of zombies and the ending of rounds.

**Map-pack: This includes all the maps needed for the gamemode










vmf: Pending


vmf:* Pending…*




Mapping Info

Merchant Room:

To map for Re2 your going to need a merchant starting room. A base room that can be used is

It gives you everything you need to make a map for RE2 except for the map spawn points, which will be called


you are going to need this for the players to get to the actual map. To add it, create an info_player_spawn then right click and goto properties, then type in the name box “Re2_player_round_start” and press enter right after you type that in. Then hit apply.

There are two logic_relays in the start room, they can control map outputs. There is a relay named Re2_Round_Start and Re2_Merchant_end. To add an output that gets called on the start of the map or the end of the map, simply add the output with the trigger “OnTrigger”.

Zombie spawns are called “ent_zombie_spawn”

Put keyvalue <Disabled> and value <true> to disable them on start, then to activate them use the input “Enable” or to deactivate use the input “Disable” or “Kill”

if you are mapping an escape map, you need to add an entity “func_win” and to trigger the survivors winning, add an input “Win” to it.
[/Release][release]**Moar info: **[/release]

RE2_REBIRTH has been completed. - Made by RichardMcRich The game itself. Models and materials with some sounds ALL the music (there’s a lot, but it’s worth it) The other sounds that didn’t fit in the other zips The maps
IP is

Orange Cosmos has been the one hosting the RE2 BETA, we will continue to host RE2 for as long as possible.

The IP is:

Overtime we plan to add more features and fix problems that occur.

Error in the rar: resident_evil compresssed.
Please fix!

I think the name should be changed, its too long. Maybe something like, “Resident Garry”

We’ll in game its RE2.

I’ll check it out.

Excellent, I was thinking you might of gone towards the private gamemode hosting idea but it seems you haven’t. The first RE1 gamemode was good so this looks promising, hope those small but annoying bugs have been fixed though, just small ones like the physgun error spam ect.

Hmm, i think the .rar is corrupt :S

yes, it is

When will it be fixed??? :S i want to start hosting this gamemode NOW !!! XD

I dont know.
But i want this working too.

Head over to Orange Cosmos, we are hosting it on our dedi, with fixes and updates as well :slight_smile:



Still corrupt !!! Can you reupload evrything to please ??!?!?!

Sec, took old DL link again XD I am going to try again

Resident Evil 2 server set up:

Check it out :slight_smile:

I got it running, but now you cant pick up pistol ammo or mines :S and it is lagging some.

Zombies wont move either :S they just stay at spawn. Anyone knows why =?

Correct me if I’m wrong - the map DOES need AI nodes for the zombies to work correctly, right?

It has. I think its cuz NPC is disabled someway. How do i enable it trought console. Or it might be assmod that lags it.

it does, check out the map vmfs for good examples of noding.

In order to pick up mines and stuff, you need to extract the content folder to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder, this applies for the server as well. If you want the server to allow players to download files in the content folder place it in the Garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/re2/ folder.

Which map are you playing on, zombies may not move if they are spawning in the ground or can’t reach a player on foot.

You’ve not uploaded some of the textures in the content file. I think it’s all of the ones in the re2_ekg folder that you have not included.

Hm Your right, my bad. New link