Resident Evil Garrysmod(v15) 2

Hey All, I recently saw that booyadiaz, had tried to resurrect the gamemode, so I looked into how difficult it would be for me to port the game over to GMOD-15 ( or whatever version is currently running ). Turns out the port/bug fixes were pretty trivial

For those of you who don’t know what the game is, it is a Co-op Zombie Survival game ( No PvP here boys ). You fight off waves of zombies and earn money so that buy/upgrade guns to so you can kill more zombies ( turns out simplicity can be addicting )
Guns can be upgraded in various ways including damage/fire rate/accuracy/clip size/reload speed

Here is some media :
[img_thumb][/img_thumb][img_thumb][/img_thumb][img_thumb][/img_thumb] <---------- (Album)

Workshop Content :
Main Content :
Map Pack :

Github :

It should be a pretty stable release, however I don’t have a server to test it on besides my local machine, so the possibility for untested bugs exist.

Feel free to comment with Suggestions ( Nice little fun weekend project for me )

Changes / Tweaks :
-Rebalanced some weapons (assault rifles mostly)
+Reload speed now affects weapon animations(wasn’t possible/easy when I originally made it)
-UI rework/redesign
-Total Zombie Rework ( Nextbot AI )
+Added Zombie Gibbing
+Added Zombie Ragdolls ( They were disabled in the original because of model specific crashing issues )
-Random Bugfixes (UI/Networking/etc)

There are some errors, The maps need nav files.
The storage menu is far to large and needs to be made smaller.

Also missing materials, CSS is mounted if it is required.

Interesting. As for the missing textures and errors, this isn’t so much a problem with the gamemode as not having Episode 2 / CSS installed. When I initially made the game years ago, I assumed people had CSS and HL2 : EP2 installed, so I used content from both. What you are seeing there are EP2 props / textures that are missing.

I only included the nav files in the workshop the content packs for the maps that are currently voteable in the gamemode. I haven’t made meshes for some of the other maps yet, but included them for anybody who might feel ambitious.

I’ll touch up the nav mesh for fortress. The lua Errors are weird, I’m gonna take a look. I agree about the shop menus, quickly shrunk those to half the size.

[del]EDIT: Alright I put up some bug fixes that address each of the issues you posted. I’ll be uploading the new nav grid soon.[/del]
EDIT: Nav graph has been added, bugfixes committed and voting list updated (Supports all the maps in the content package now)

Problem is I have EP2, It is installed. It’s not really that big of a deal though as it doesn’t have anything to do with the gamemode itself.
Tell me when you have the other lua errors checked out and I’ll give it another test.

Yea, if you are interested in trying it, I’m currently playing at [del][/del]

Great Job on this rework. I really loved this gamemode back in the day and this is the first time I’ve seen it functional since the switch to gm13. Kudos mate <3

For anyone interested in playing, there is a working version hosted up at

Hey there Noobulater. I see you ported your gamemode to the new gmod. i hope i didnt cause any trouble trying to resurrect the gamemode

I’ve had the server up with this for a while

MVP man

I’ve added boss mode, pvp mode, tons more maps. Currently working on new escape maps