Resident Evil Hotties

I love plasmid’s new Claire models. Just to fix the finger posing and the bugs and they will be perfect.
Posed her with Jill as is fitting.

Pretty akward posing.

I never found those two hot.

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For the most part.

Really? I always found Claire to be quite the babe.

where did you Find Jill D: i want Her

Claire’s hands are flat. Even the one holding the gun.

She’s impersonating a Thunderbirds character.

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Hence the horrible posing.

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Finger posing needs to be fixed. Said so in the Op.

I mean sure, they are attractive characters.
I just can’t see them as being “hot” when about every minute I play them I see them as a corpse being devoured.


It’s ok, I love Vore.

why do your pictures always look so aliased? especially the models.

Most of the RE models have a weird light thing about them from what I have seen.
Like if you spawn Jill on Construct or a bright map her hair is silver.

Claire’s neck :expressionless:

I expected some creepy RE influenced orgy.

You need to step yo game up nigga.

Nice picture Rastifan, could’ve done something better with the posing though. Jill’s arm looks kinda weird. Also the Jill you use with faceposing doesn’t really look like Jill to me, have you ever tried posing regular Jill and facepose Jill together? No longer looks like Julia Voth! You should get the ones Plasmid made, the mouth doesnt open but it’s the best ones going :slight_smile:

I was just thinking, you could always pose 2 other characters to make it like Left 4 Dead. That idea sounded better in my head though :stuck_out_tongue: Claire, Chris, Jill and Leon! stick health packs on their back and have a horde of infected surrounding them. Or just copy from one of the movie poster loading screens.