Resident Evil - Jill Valentine [3 Pictures]

Here’s something I did while playing Gay…Cough… Garry’s mod. After played dozens of times RE5 and other Resident Evil series. All I can say that Jill Valentine is my favorite character in Resident Evil series.

[I added Film Grain + Added “Ambient Occulusion” on some places + Jill’s Shadow(She doesn’t cast any shadows) on this picture]

Comments, please?
It’s always good to read other peoples opinion rather than watching view counts.

**P.S. **
Jibble Sandwich is delicious.

Needs more barry burton, otherwise nice screens a bit too much grain though.

Kinda empty

The first one is really empty, the other ones are nicely posed.

I agree, but look at that concrete texture.
Maybe I should have continue my original idea (All S.T.A.R.S. members in that room).

First one made me thing of Dead Rising parking garage.

Very good finger posing.

"I suppose I should thank you"

Too much grain for my taste.

A lesson is learned.