Resident evil mansion, dining room

I’m working on the dining room from Resident evil remake, currently still adding more stuff to it.
i’m doing the modeling of the map in XSI, then some how ill export it to hammer with .vmf export, although i’m not sure how i’ll get past the convex edge error

here are a few screens of the work i’ve done so far.

[release]abandon long ago[/release]

Cool, hope it comes out looking like it should, it looks pretty good atm too. have an artistic.

Whilst it looks great, that’s going to be a nightmare to export. You should split it up and model all the pillars in xsi and then do the basic room brushwork in hammer.

Sorry to break it to you, but someone else already did that.
Progenitor project

That doesn’t mean you can’t continue though, it would be good practice.
I’d suggest what Metallics said.

Yes I have seen his before and its great work, but he is leaving some details out for issue of frame rate, I wanted to try and put as much detail in this as possible as it wont be for l4d or anything but more of a map to pose ragdolls

Awesome, great job on this 1 keep up the good work :wink:

Nice bump there mate.

So how’s the progress?

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Obviously not.

As a fellow mapper, my advice is to make a square hallway on Hammer first THEN measure the hallway’s height and width so your support pillars (I’m not sure if it is a pillar, but if it is not the one with lanterns) will fit exactly. It will save you the time to recompile and reconstruct it again.
That’s another thing just export the doors, the widows, pillars with lanterns, tables, and vases. Cause it will be a bitch to export and to make that work on Source (If you’re intending it for GMod).