Resident Evil Mini Enemy Pack + Resident Evil Zero Weapon Prop Pack

OK most of this pack should have being released half a year ago so here is some of it, I’ve held back on some of the models as I still need to do a bit of ironing up on them. This pack includes the following models:

*The Aligator from Resident Evil the Darkside Chronicles
*Hunter from Resident Evil Outbreak
*David King From Resident Evil Outbreak
*Mark From Resident Evil Outbreak

Both Mark and David have finger posing and several face flexes, Mark is just a preliminary build at the moment. None have eye posing as the models themselves have no actual eye meshes.

Some models also have Spec mapping applied it maybe too bright again i’m working on it but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Now for the credits:

Me Dsdxp/DXP for porting the models into source
Capcom for creating the models and textures
Rusty and Henry Towshend for giving me advice on how to extract the outbreak textures.


Weapon Pack Contains the Following Weapons:

*Billy’s Handgun
*Hunting Gun
*Hunting Gun(Reloading)
*Machine Gun


This is an addon so just drop the folder in the .zip file into your Steam/Steamapps/username/Garrysmod/garrysmod/addons Folder and it should work.


*Capcom for making the models and textures
*skwisdemon for ripping the models
*Me Dsdxp/DXP for porting the models into source.


Feel free to use these in anything you want just credit the guys above enjoy.

Any Problems PM me or goto my forum that is the only way to reach me now.

Kewl, nice job.

What? You can put eye flexes on them easily. Select polies where eyes are and apply eyeball_r and eyeball_l textures to them; they don’t need to be separate meshes.

I love Outbreak, glad to see some ports of it. Want some help?

awesome work, nice to see outbreak models

That SMG looks tasty.

Been waiting for the under-over shotgun :smiley:

This is awesome, so many RE releases!!

I did that and for some reason the compiler had a hissy fit saying the range of 0.5 was out or something like that, some reason it only does that with outbreak models =/ and sure I don’t mind working together to get some stuff ported especially since its outbreak stuff.


Being worked on maybe…?

She’s at another Castle, sorry Mario. :smiley:

I love these models, dsdxp is awesome. David kinda looks blind though tbh.

That’s what the eye texture looks like i’m afraid. As for being awesome I would rather be called a purist porter someone who would rather keep the original model in its original form without completly changing it, and besides I would rather work my ass off when It comes to porting rather than have everything given to me on a silver platter like a few other ports i’ve seen but that’s my 2 quid…

Glory to Dsdxp! Thanks for the new stuff, that colt is slick(it’s a colt right? idk the one with the wooden grip)

The outbreak characters are cool too, too bad that game is kind of unplayble now.

I see that Ada model again, damn I want it :frowning: Who is holding out on us?

That would be me I decided not to release ada she needs a bit more work done on her.

Haha, alright then.