resident evil models and random ones

well all they need is animations basically so here website

id do but im never around…these models were used for the zombie infection mod for Counter strike condition zero

You mean you want them as playermodels? Otherwise if there used in CS:S you can use them as ragdolls/props/effects in GMod.

yeah that what i ment

how would I turn like the jacket Leon into a ragdoll? The one I have currently has a dang arm problem.

dont know

By the look of some of them models they are made by other people who would be a bit pissed off if suddenly they were to be uploaded as player models for gmod =_= one of them models i know for a fact is beeswax’s hunter model and another model in that list i have got permission from the original author to make a ragdoll of the model, as for the leon problem maybe its the rigging.

beeswax’s is working on the biohazard alert mod for San andreas isnt he?

i’m not sure which mod he’s doing truth be told that model shouldn’t be on their considering its one of beeswaxs no wonder a lot of people hate the internet folk who just come along post a model that clearly isn’t theirs and say they made it…it pisses people off.

yeah that pisses me off

Were these models made from scratch by beeswax, or were they ripped from the Resident Evil games? If they were ripped from the Resident Evil games, I don’t know what there is to be pissed about. If anyone should be pissed, it should be Capcom. I love how people get angry about models being released, when they’re not really the person’s models. They are Capcom’s models that were ripped from a game. Since when does somebody claim ownership of a game company’s work?

However, if the models were made by him from scratch (meaning, they are REALLY his work), then I would be pissed. But pissed because someone releases a model from a copyrighted game?

Anyone could have went into the Resident Evil games and ripped the models.

although i would have to verify it i think the model was created by one of his mod team members and he did the texturing but i’m not 100% sure i’m gonna have to ask him, i dunno why capcom should be pissed off about it because its not like we’re going oh i made this model etc etc, i’m doing it as a fan of the series for the other fans to enjoy…which reminds me need to get back to rigging those alphas >.<

I cant wait for RE: Darkside Chronicles.

Then someone can rip the better looking Claire:


well…she looks like she did in degeneration

That was a movie though, so we can’t rip it.

i know that i was just saying she looks like she did in resident evil degeneration