Resident Evil Models**

Description**: Resident Evil model packs n such

Requirements: Garrysmod, Whichever game this game from (varies)

Credits: BlooCobalt, -Rusty-, Capcom, other people who did stuff that I can’t remember

UBCS Mercenaries:


UBCS Mercenaries - Posing by Taggart



Stay tuned in, there will be more releases from us.

Oh that’s coo’.

Rusty and Bloo do it again, Excellent job fellas.

Looks great! Gonna download it immediately. :smile:

It’s nice and all [sub]except[/sub] [sub][sub]for[/sub][/sub] [sub][sub][sub]the[/sub][/sub][/sub] [sub][sub][sub][sub]phong[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]

it does not open the file

What do you mean it doesn’t open?

Does he have 7zip?

when I download it and try to open it, it says its not a valid archive.
you have to use 7Zip? cuz I have winzip

Holy shit YES!

Getting you stuff released into the wild. Good work.

Great work as usual bloo!

alright it works.

great work! can you make port swatvan in re?

Awesome work B & R :smiley:

Bloo and Rustyhave done it again!! great job guys, was looking forward to these! :dance:

Awesome models, unedited;

Are they easy to pose?

[sub]I don’t have access to GMod so im just wondering.[/sub]

No man or zombie steals a police officers doughnut and gets away with it…