Resident evil Nemesis and Brad

Nemesis holding Brad

Remove the s from https

and you didn’t put the link of the pic.

i bet the photo that he made wasnt good or thread worthy

Thanks for help :dance:

less bad than i thought, but still isnt great.

The pic is ok but not thread worthy like Uaredead mention it.

post it there next time:
and ask around for question/help for posing (if you have any) etc. etc.

Nemesis makes me seriously uncomfortable but I don’t even know why.

-black coat
-big scary guy chasing you in the night

They pretty much made some kind of nightmare dark alley raper.

You came pretty close.

that’s what i want to do :wink:

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I love him,he’s biggest Badass in Resident Evil Series :wink:

I remember the ol’ days. Not bad anyway but not really thread worthy.

Posting this in the “post your picture” thread wasn’t enough?

Edit: That was three days ago and you created this thread four days ago, yet you edited the OP three days ago, did you swap the picture or something?