Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City - Nemesis

The Nemesis from Resident Evil: O.R.C.

• Gatling Gun included
• Faceposing by Deus ex Nihilo

Original Model by Capcom




It looks like he needs a hug ;~;

sure, you can try. let’s see how close you will get. :smiley:

and wait for it, gun turning around. fires trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. dead.

Brilliant !!! Can you do Mr X ?

sure! i have him in my repository folder for a while now.
if someone would be so kind to add faceposing i’d send
the source files.

wow nemsis and mr x. can they be on workshops ? it would be cool for the mask to put his files on there. cause he does good work on his models. like the fly, and resident bosse’s and others.

yeah i will upload stuff to the workshop very soon.

I believe Dean has already ported Mr.X



But if he’s in REORC then you could grab a better version of him.