Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. Vector

After posting a Racoon City unrigged models, I wanted to practice on rigging and there it is. My favorite character in Resident Evil is here. :V
I’m planning to release a pack of RE:ORC ragdolls, but with masked heroes (cause I can delay release because flexes).

and yes, it’s fingerposeable.

LINK (I’m gonna update it sometime, just follow my link here :V ).

Ripping and texture extracting: Votc.
Rigging: NikouT.
Texture convert and minor fixes: NikouT.

P.S. If RE:ORC would be released for PC, I could try to port stuff and other things from it.

Have fun guys.

I love you so much

That was fast.

Like, REALLY fast.

Are you planning to release also HUNK? he’s also masked^^

I’m working on it for now. And Spectre will be next.

Wonder what’s the purpose of those glowing lenses.

It’s so overt it’s covert.

Wow. Nice work!

I love you, full homo.

I heard it’ll be released in May for PC. Any chance of Four-eyes being after Spectre? :smiley:

Great work friend!

Apparently, blue is a favorite in Resident Evil.
But anyway, awesome! I needed Vector.
Just a quick pic, hope you like it

Texture has been changed to this, just download the same link above.
CuteFoxxy is credit for the new texture.

Can’t wait for other Resident Evil ORC Models. :slight_smile:
including the other characters.

Cannot wait for spectre.

we need Claire and Jill! they so hawt

cant wait for beltway

Cool. Very cool. Thanks and…

— William, we need a sample
— Oh, so… you still come. Sorry. I cannot give you job my life…


That game was a sorry excuse for a RE game. RE5 was terrible enough and then they came up with this…