Resident Evil: Outbreak Models

I recently started playing resident evil outbreak again and I would love it if somone could port most of the character models affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation and Military status. I’d also like the Police Cars. They’re cool :smiley: and I just dont have enough Police Car models :D.

I’ll be porting those when I get round too them:

check there for updates.

Thank you very very much :smiley:

I got a few zombies from Outbreak. I tried doing one of the many awesome main characters, but they were full of holes, so I’m not sure.

P.S. Outbreak was my favorite RE game of all time. I miss it. I wish they didn’t stop the online co-op. I nearly fucking cried on the last night it was up. Bots aren’t the same.

Yeah outbreak was absolutely brilliant, but i never got to play the online :C. Those models look great though, looking forward to seeing a release.

I showed my friend Outbreak one day on my PS2 Emulator and he said “What kind of inventory is that?! Its tiny!” And I said “The game isnt about slaughtering as many zombies as you can its about actual survival, think are you going to run outside of your house with a fucking mini gun and rpg 7 with no med supplies and go be an hero and kill every zombie?” and than he said basically said that the game was awesome. And I truly think it was the only thing capcom ever did right. I got pissed when they closed the MP servers, and than canceled File 3

Id run outside with a minigun and RPG 7.

dat zombas.
They look sexy.
Anyway,im hoping that we have like 30 different zombies
(perhaps u could rig them the zombies animations in,and they would be SNPC’s)

Outbreak would be amazing with current online technology. Shame they tried to force it out for the PS2 when online console gaming was still a gamble.