Resident Evil: Outbreak Models

This was a good game, and I’m getting ready to do a zombie comic, and the characters from Resident Evil Outbreak would be perfect. Does anyone have this game? Would they be willing to try to take models from it? Are there any models out there already, other than Mark and David, that is…If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated…


I made a thread about this too. People seemed to avoid it a little. But anyways I support this.

Yeah, I know. Why no replies? Hehe.

-Rusty- gave me all the characters in all of their costumes from #1 and #2. The only thing I rigged them to was for L4D, and I lost the files for that a long while ago.

I might have another shot at it one of these days. Outbreak is my favorite RE game.

I agree on that too. If you ever come across the files again somehow then that would be great.

Those Umbrella Soldiers Would be pretty neat!

Outbreak was definitely one of the most underrated RE games.

Well, I don’t see any reason not to use the hordes of masked or otherwise anonymous soldiers on as stand-ins, but, yeah. Umbrella rules.

but it wont be as original

I still have the survivors + all their alt costumes from when -Rusty- gave them to me. He gave me about every model is the game, too. I’ll see what I can do over the summer.

in the mean time, I have been experimenting on Kevin with some motion capture animations I found;

Well I guess that’s gonna keep the RE fetishists on FacePunch fed until Fedge resumes RE5 porting.

…Where will you be releasing them to, if you can?

Dude, I want that Kevin Model.


Your wish is my command, apparently.

Do you have the others: alyssa, cindy and the Npc’s? you know firefighters, cops…

Pretty sure I remember a thread about this in 2010…hold on.
dsdxp made a pack here. ( Not exactly Outbreak models but still good.)

He also had a thread but he removed all the links, the models are still on

Sadly, dsdxp also had some extra outbreak models such as H.U.N.K. (without his mask) on,
as I said he removed the links. (such as the Umbrella Soldiers, but I think -Rusty- has it…I’ll ask him on steam if I have a chance.)

Yeah its true that I do still have those models but I haven’t ported those yet, the links on the other hand are on my forum that’s why I removed them from here

Hey dsdxp, nice to see your back…

Yeah, I have the same stuff as dsdxp.