Resident Evil Pack WIP ver:2

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Sounds good, good sir!

Just a few tests guys i want your opinion on these too see if i’m on the right track which one catches ya eyes the most?

The one with his arms down, it looks more shinny/smoother and on a side note…WESKER CLONES!!!

Ok guys think i’m coming down with something been like this since this afternoon so I won’t be working on the pack for a bit i’ll still be around so feel free too pm me or whatever other than that i’m taking a break hope you guys understand.

:slight_smile: makes me happy you used wesker as a example.

I however like the one with his arms up because his vest fits with him alot better than the other one in my opinion.

Feel better, dsdxp! As we’ve said before, your health > modelling.

Yeah like Wesker said, fix his shoulders/arms. Also it seems a bit shiny, can you make it just a little less shiny?

Also, I’m back in Iraq… yay.

Damnit Rusty steal a car and get outta Iraq.

Ok guys should be back doing work in a couple of days been checking how many ragdolls i’ve re-rigged out of the 13 stars members 8 have been re-rigged so not doing too bad for progress considering they all have finger posability now.

Very excellent, man! Cannot wait :smiley:

The one without phong looks better IMO.

I agree with this polite gentleman

Yeah soon, I shall start modeling once more :fuckyou:,
I am just having problems with drunks, but soon I shall have some peace and quite and start once more, next wednesday, I go back to my home town and start working once more :smug:

Ok guys i’m back from my break i’m a little bit on edge but that’s from something else, i’m fine though so updates will commence today stand by for more updates.


Ok update time:

Kenneth is rerigged so strike another stars member off the list that needs redoing.

Woot! keep up the good work dude

Great job dude
you rule!!

Thanks guys ^_^, just too show progress so far on the stars pack:

I only need too re-rig forest then the bravos are all redone again, also a certain autobot rolled into gmod yesterday and is also been built as a ragdoll: