Resident Evil Revelations 2: Claire Redfield

What it is:
Claire Redfield from Resident Evil: Revelations 2

She has all 5 outfits from Revelations 2 and it’s DLC, as well as skins for being dirty, and different colors of her monitor bracelet.
She has bodygroups for a variety of her gear, as well as her hair.
She has eye-posing and full FACS face posing, and should also be compatible with SFM.

Images: (By Luxaria and Mythos, thanks guys) of the Claires Release.jpg


**BlooCobalt (porting the models, getting it into source, texture editing\fixing, shadow removal, general improvements)
Squiddytreat (shader base & shared shader elements)
Ninja_Nub (faceposing)
Capcom (Claire’s character, original model assets)



Awesome as always

Maximum sexytime.

Nice work bloo :slight_smile:


Oh nice work Bloco. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m gonna check out those hair mats, they actually look good. Good job on the model.

As awesome as always, thank you very much.

Aww, you didn’t make the classic costume’s primary skin the fixed and accurate one.

Great work tho, was fun testing

They’re great! Well done!


trololguy’s version is better

wait no im lying

Very sexy, well done.

Here’s a rig for SFM users.

Wooh, nice job, it’s possible to have a link?
Because i don’t have Gmod and i use it for CSS

Nice Work

Very nice work.
Can you port rifle Muramasa, with full package bodygroups? (Resident evil: Revelations 2 / Raid mode).