This is Resident evil heroes screenshots

I don’t see any screenshots.

Edit: Fucking 09’ers.



they all need better camera angles

Dont forget posing and effects

Oh and it needs fingerposing.

And a better map.

And things going on.

And skill.

And babes?

This was a quick hackup i did so it won’t have great dynamic posing =P

and sancho i still can’t believe after pointing out that the models have finger posing your STILL not using it…jesus

Lol that thing made me laugh.
Never use paint bro.



Aha! Has got! You have already made all models, just time pull! The REPTILE! LET out YOU PACK ALREADY! xDDD

[editline]03:34PM[/editline] xDDDDD

You know its a shame that a KID got hold of these models and made crappy pics with them I can’t wait too see other people’s work who actually put effort in and make decent poses unlike these…

You dont know shit 09’er.


this is shit, do you think when does create the stage
in gmod?

You’ve just been waiting for a chance to say that haven’t you. The “09er” has a good point

dsdxp go to hell! I have simply decided to lay out ridiculous works! And
You yet will not make all pack that and works normal will not be. There is nobody to do! Bravo team to me it is not necessary!