Resident evil series ragdolls

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combined all jill downloads to one.
re3 costume
second costume
all are face poseable and finger posable

upload to filefront or hell, rapidshare… why are you making us download off MSN?

There’s nothing wrong with it… You know…

because filefront doesn’t offer me 24 gigs of space, plus filefont deletes their files left and right

Quite true, filefront fucked me way too many times, I might start using msn myself.

But, the images don’t seem to work for me, I get 404ed when I copy the link manually as well.


Acctualy, 403ed… Forbidden!

GASP! Might just be my connection then.

Weird works fine for me, but it might be because i’m logged into Windows Live (yes not MSN), though its in a public folder and all the links i’ve put up to my public folder have worked fine.

the image is posted on imageshack tough is it not? And nope, different connection now and it’s still not working.

update with rebecca chambers, ashley pop star will be fixed soon, then I will work on ashley normal, and luis

Looks great. Ashely_Popstar’s a bit shiny, no? :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a specific group of models in particular you’re planning to do?

But, and I say this with respect, there’s no point in saying you do not want it up on That is essentially inviting the trolls to go ahead and do that just to piss you off, and I can guarantee they will do it.

I’m planing on doing all the series except UC and outbreak because I don’t have the models from those
and i’m very sure your right on that one about

Looks like Terrible rigging, but I love the RE series, maybe I could help. Good job none the less.

if your referring to the ashely model being terrible rigging hell yeah it is as I said before

but the rebecca model is rigged very well in my opinion

and what would you like to help on?

Looks like your forgot to make the eyelash texture transparent sir.

on which one?

Awesome, nice work good sir.

Ashley Graham the Whiny Bitch.

well doesn’t matter that one is taken down until I can work out all the stupid errors it has

This is an alright one, solely for the “Not waiting for X seconds” before I get to download the model.

update added rebecca jacket, next is Krauser with ada’s dress haha joking

Can any of these work with face posing?