Resident Evil: Sherry Birkin (All outfits!)

What it is:
Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 6

She has Jiggly bones for breasts, for use in SFM I’d guess
4 outfits! (Asia/Europe [in RE6_Sherry], Schoolgirl mercs costume [in RE6_Sherry_Omake00], and Hospital gown [in RE6_Sherry_monitor]
Bodygroups for general gear, and skins for skin wetness
Fully faceposable and fingerposable (use unrestricted axis!)
Somewhat original bones, so no NPCs\Playermodels etc
SFM Compatible, been tested by Urbanator and he approves.

Images: (By TheLoneFireWarrior, Pvt.Jenkins, they’re awsm) costumes.jpg


** BlooCobalt (porting the models, getting it into source etc)
selph80 (Sherry’s faceposing, vmt settings for face\hair\skin)
Deus ex Nihilo (Helping me get the files to make this a bit easier)
Capcom (Sherry’s character, original model assets)
Rastifan (Removing shadows on Sherry’s schoolgirl shirt)

another fucking excellent release, keep it up!

I’d just like to echo this. Major thumbs up!
Excellent work!

This is great Bloo! Another job well done c:

As always, superb effort and a superb product.

Great work, Bloo. :smiley:

An amazing release.

good job bloo!

looks goood! worth downloading!


dem fan service

Great work, Bloo! Looking forward to see more.

how do you install them

Bravo on adding all the outfits. I especially love her Drake rip off outfit from Asia.

Skin for wetness.

Uh uo.

The non-fanservice models are nice.

Great job as always Bloo :wink:

will it be on the workshop soon?

Looks nice! Will come to good use. Can’t wait for those BSAA guys too!


Excellent work.

It dosent show up under garrysmod on the spawnlist, am i doing something wrong