Resident Evil Styled Video

This video was originially just a test.

A 4 man squad was sent into a underground facility to restore power and obtain vital information. While accessing the computer’s mainframe an alarm was set off unleashing zombies. As a bio counter measure and to insure containment, the town was nuked and the facility was burned out.

+Shooting from camera view makes your weapon fire anywhere but straight and makes your player look like he is having a fit.
+Movement errors.
+Going into First Person Mode.

I’m sure there are others but the lesson learned is to not be a actor when you’re the cameraman. Tell me some of the things you did and didn’t like and how the film could be better.

Few tips I can spare. Heres the first one: go to your console and type cl_drawhud 0 then if a clip doesn’t match that great and you think you can improve on it, do it. Second tip. Get this camera addon its extremely helpful. Third one don’t have anyone type out anything, voice actings the way to go. Last tip go to your console and type in hud_deathnotice_time 0 to hide the ‘who killed who’ in the upper right corner. If you do this you should be able to do a lot better videos or able to improve on this one.

EDIT: When you go in first person make sure you have skins for your hands and when you press buttons holster the gun and use machinima hands and make it act like you’re pressing a button.

machinima hands:

Was okay, but pacing was too slow. Didn’t suck me in enough to finish. Like said above, use the camera tools, but also when the server you are hosting is up, type sv_cheats 1 in console then type cl_drawhud 0 to hide the hud. type cl_drawhud 1 to re-enable it. Makes the vids look much better. Sound quality was also pretty shoddy, but good first attempt.