Resident Evil

I search all Resident Evil 1 - 5 models. Can someone upload a pack with all models?

Use search. Everything you need is already in packs, just smaller seperate ones.

I search models like maria or nemesis ver2.

To my knowledge, those two Models do not exist in Garry’s Mod as of this moment.

Therefore, I search this modelle.

ok just to clarify…Maria is from Silent Hill 2… and nemesis ver 2 is not a released ragdoll yet…

And when do these models come?

when they do we aren’t mind readers on here…


“I searched for Resident Evil models, like this Silent Hill model” Alright!

I didn’t read the “ver 2” part either, no idea what that is but it isn’t probably the nemesis model.

Maria…the re4 female ganado I don’t think anyone has ever or will port enemies from re4 and that nemesis reminds me of egokart 64n’s model since I know those guys on there steal model rips and claim them as their own, happened to me a few times.

Actually there are quite a few enemies ported from Resident Evil 4 floating around.
I have no idea who “those guys on there” are.

I wish that someone release resident evil deadaim or resident evil survivor modles

or darkside chronicles…