Resident evil

Does anybody have or know where I can get Claire Redfield from the Darkside Chronicles? Preferbly the code Veronica version. And umbrella chronicles re3 jill and nemesis?

This thread now exists soley to finding nemesis

support i can’t found nemesis anywhere

I know Plasmid has ported from Resident Evil games before. I think hes the one that got a pretty decent model of Claire.

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Claire Redfield from Darkside Chronicles.

We need a reupload of Nemesis

Thank you very, very much Ive searched FOREVER for this
And, coincidentally, the model I was looking for is the only one without “seams” on her arms.

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REupload? he was released for garrys mod at some point?

Alright, since I dont know how to edit the name of my thread, and I dont want to waste time making a new one about the same topic, Im bumping this thread, in the vain hopes of finding Nemesis. (ignore my previous post)

my RE ports

Ah yes, I actually found those a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to thank you for them.

I’m very sure Nemesis is still on I don’t think there’s a need for a reupload, unless if the file has the mirroring problem, as I was able to download it before not too long ago.

I’ve uploaded it to Mediafire anyway:

Well hope you do realize that KINGSman only asked for a reupload since he doesn’t legally own Garry’s Mod. So you kinda helped a pirate out. You can even check his steam page if you don’t believe me :p.

Ive downloaded twice, and he’s still invisible(the seperate tentacles are visible)
I extract to addons right?

Em, yes, like I even thought he was a pirate. I don’t give a toss if they have Gmod or not, and even if I did, it’s only a file containing a few models.

Yeah, it’s an addon.

I don’t know about the invisibility problem though. I tested it out on my computer and it works fine.

Well, in any case thank you. At least I have him, and maybe I’ll be able to fix it.