Resident Evil_Subway

This is photos a Resident Evil heroes on Subway.



this is shitty, no finger/face posing and I will say nothing about posing…

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I like the first angle, however posing on the guy could be a little better (How he’s holding the guns in the second picture looks odd.)

did a little shit open a mouth? ^^

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Here cannot be finger or face posing because it is not present for these models.

Posing is fine, altough i think its abit to “yellow”


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Sorry mods, but i just can’t bear those kind of guys.

Now back to the picture :
Everything seems fine, but needs more zombie and a bigger size.

Second for more zombies, and some face posing if you can, the right hand on Chris i think it is looks good, can’t say the same for the left though.

I will correct errors) and вследующий time I will try better)