Resist Extinction

Had a lotta’ fun making this scene.
I think the Russian Federation dudes fit the scene alright considering Half Life 2 takes place in a European or Russian type country (Bulgaria I believe)

I’ll post the original 4K screenshot if anyone wants it.

a fucking png why

Warms my heart to torture people with waiting for the picture to load.
(Not really, just habit)

that’s a lot of empty building facade to look at. pick a more focused camera angle next time. regarding the lens dust effect around the fire on the Strider, well, that’s not how the effect is supposed to work

the lighting is really dull, but we can thank Source for that. try scenebuilding if you want to have better than average lighting in big scenes


Regardless of the PNG and empty building facade, one of your better ones.

was expecting pose of people trying to reproduce as hard as possible, also lamp stuck in strider’s leg.
Cool pic noneless.