Resistance 2 44.Magnum??

Hello all…,
I’m here to make another request…(Yes another)
Anyone heard of the He .44 Magnum from the PS3 Game Resistance 2??

Would anyone be so kind and Do the Code-y, Lua-ey, Magic that I’ve seen many a-time on this site??

That’s just the image, You don’t need to make that, I’m modeling it, But I need The Swep Part…


Basically, Left Click fires rounds, Right click detonates them…you can detonate any number at a time
It has 24 bullets when full, And that’s it…
Thanks Guys -Kevin

Just to let you know you aren’t being ignored:


Awesome!!!, That’s Kickass!!!, Hehe, You stiil have 2 hands on the gun, Aswell as the detonator, Would you be able to do it, Except without the detonator, Just a one handed HE 44. Magnum???
But Great work, Cheers Mate