Resistance 2 Hybrids

Resistance 2 Hybrids

You get:
The two hybrid models Luxox posted a while back.
No guns yet, but if they come I’ll port them.
Regarding the models we did get, I added physical variety, bodygroups, and skingroups.
they’re working playermodels as well, for all the nerds who want that
It has toe and jaw posing, but you need the joint tool for that
joint tool here

Steam Workshop Link
Mediafire Link


Insomniac, for making the models
Luxox, for getting the models
All testers, for finding issues and helping out on the making of the models
Me, for porting
and everybody who downloads for supporting



Oh, we luv u

Superb release!

Remove xeno


Great work m8.

The constraints are not all that great, especially on the shoulders. They’re very awkward to pose. The rigging on the forearms, around the elbow, is really, really weird and unnatural. On the left forearm, rather than bending at the elbow, bends right above at the forearm at the upper arm.

The spine bones are also particularly extremely weird in terms of rigging. Around the little ridge on the second physmodeled spine bone is uneven on the opposite side; You should really mirror your rigging, otherwise it turns out much worse than not. The neck is also pretty strange as it has these few verts moving alongside with it rather than both sides. Again, you should mirror your model’s rigging.

The legs are just really, really weird, too. I’ll be blunt, they’re kinda shit, because not only is the kneepad on the Hybrid not really meant to move with the calf leg itself, I’d imagine. The hip armor on the right leg clips real bad, you should probably do something about that because.

I’m not even going to mention the second model, either, because there are places on certain bones that are weighted that should not be weighted, e.g. the forearm with the upperarm armor and the shoulder pauldrons clipping with itself, the same problem that your Raiden and Grey Fox suffered pretty badly. On both models, however, the hands have this rigging that’s just weird.

The shading is all sorts of… odd, to be honest, also. If I’m going to be blunt and honest, they look like shit. I understand it saves time to copy and paste VMT settings, but couldn’t you put more effort into at least differentiating it even a little? It just draws my ire with how odd it looks. I look to this and then a couple of other releases you’ve done and you don’t variate your materials nearly enough, you stick to a certain formula which isn’t a bad thing, you just need to kinda deviate sometimes.

This is just my view of it, however, and whether or not you disregard this is your choice. It’s just my opinion that you’ve got a really, really weird and kinda not great model release going here, there’s a lot you could improve on it. I don’t really mean to insult you, just keep in mind that there are plenty of things you can do to improve the rigging on the model with consistency. Other than that, it’s not too bad.

jimi no

that’s my line

Simply awesome as always Ninja!

well i’ll keep your opinion in regard

thing is that most people didn’t have too many issues
but hey if it’s that major I might get to fixing it at a later point

also regarding the shaders, i thought giving it a different type of shader than the rubbery look they had in resistance, or the rather greasy look some people give models, was a good idea

it’s not like yours look any better

Watch the throne.

doesn’t look like you’re doing a good job

u bish

wtf no fighting


Lovely work mate! It’s about time that someone got some Resistance gear out on Gmod!

You finally did it.



Great work pal! Looks kewl.