Resistance Dude Idk

This was my like, second attempt at posing some shizzle.

Added a bit of Photoshop effects and stuck to the quality.

Need critics pl0x.

Tell me what are the effects then I will tell you what i think.

The DoF looks pretty good.

at first i thought it’d be some half assed new-to-gmod pose, but that’s actually really good and I can’t find any flaws in it

Ingame effects:

-Fire behind the wall, (not the default ignite one).
-Some spark effects.

Outgame effects:

-Minor desaturation.
-Minor sharpening.
-Color filters to a small degree.
-Darkened borders.

Awesome picture Bro.
Have wood.

For more fire :twisted:

Anyway, good posing & editing. No flaws that I can see.

looks pretty cool

cool pose

That’s Cool! :open_mouth: