Resistance Fighters Checking a Building

Took me a while to put everything together, even worse Gmod kept crashing on me.

Why exactly is he carrying an RPG indoors?

because he’s THAT badass

You should try noticing the rubble in the back.

For close quarters combat of course

Lack of fingerposing and some pretty darn low-res skins don’t help this picture.

It’s not possible to fingerpose them.

Probably shouldn’t have used the models then, if only because the textures are really poor.

Hips and legs also look quite poorly posed. Camera angle really needs some work too; it looks fish-eyed and needs to be more zoomed in on the characters (because everyone knows that walls aren’t interesting)… although looking at the quality of the models I’m not sure it would be worth zooming in.

I edited this.
Tell me whatever you think.
Say:“Combine you suck stop doing things with stuff.” or say “Yay nice edit but…”
Or you can just watch the picture…

And their going to be grilled by the backflame… IF he fires the RPG.

Yay nice edit but whats up with those yellow eyes behind them? O_O
Lets just hope he doesn’t turn around and shoots the RPG there, it would be a multi-kill.

If you look closely you can see that the RPG guy has those eyes too :smug:
Guy with the red bandana is fucked.

RPG Rebel: I’ll stay here, go on.
Red Bandana Rebel: Okey, I will check this board.
<turns back>
RPG Rebel: Om nom nom nom.

Exactly my tought when I did the picture :smug:

Looks like you just duplicated the background layer, set it to “overlay” and left it at that.

Or it looks like you just put the contrast too high and did nothing else.


Apart from the daft eyes.

Thats all I can do with gimp

What models are those?

They’re an edited model I made for myself.

They look like the Animal model from the Half Life 2 beta

They are, that’s why I said “edited”.