Resistance Hideout (taking requests too!)

This is just a small resistance hideout I made in the XCCR on rp_c18_night
Has a little science area a (well stocked) armory and random assortment of trash and refuse. Gas cans and explosive barrels (fuel for the jeep) are also inside, so play carefully inside. Added the npcs to the shot to add some life to it.

Im taking requests so if anyone wants a hideout made for them lemme know, I love doing this. Any map any location just be specific as to where you want it, and if you want anything in specific inside also make sure I know that.

(and yes I know this isn’t quite a contraption but didn’t know where else to post it.)


I think your looking for the screenshot section

Nah, I’d say this is the right forum, I just don’t really get what you want us to say. Nice scene I guess??
CC would be to try and make some stronghold or resistance/bunker/fortress/whatever free from the map. Like make some fort or something out of props instead of using the map.

And then make it walk and fire missles that target whores