Resistance member with his dog looks down on you [First Person]

OMG, A non TF2 pose from Fantasticool!
Started as a small experiment for mat_picmip -10 and jpeg_quality 100 (first time i used them, after trying mat_picmip 10 (Not a huge succes, clusterfuck of green on flatgrass) I knew it had to be -10 after this.)

Hmm, photobucket resized it to smaller, but i think that majhost kinda ruined the quality.

So here at own risk the resized, Photobucket upload (Better quality)

The reason the hand is lifted is the sun duh. And what do you think about the slime stuff in the dogs mouth? First attempt to it.

So this is non-Tf2, but am I still cool now?, or did i fuck up with this?

:siren:Please also see the better quality resized one, the unresized has some fuck ups :siren:

Now, you see that reply thingy under there, type some comments and click the ‘Reply’ button. Thanks.


I didn’t lose my cool now? Right?

Edit again:
If you want this as background, (This will be a BIG honour for me). PM me so i can send the High Quality 1650x1050 version.

Another edit:

:protarget::protarget: :protarget::protarget::protarget::protarget:
**You get the message, I want more posts **

Fantastic work, love the saliva on the dog. It’s better than your TF2 poses!

Use welding to pose hands correctly. His left hand looks fucking horrible.

Not bad. Good job editing in the saliva.

Actually I like how his left hand is posed, and the dogs mouth (noticed it before you said anything by the way) looks very nice.

the editing on the dog (saliva) was superb

Thanks for the comments.