"Resistance Neutralized" - Combine walk thru dead rebels (A bit gory)

Watching this section again made me feel like making something in Gmod. All in-game apart from the (shitty) blood.
And of course, an unnecessary stitch just cuz i like big pictures.

That actually looks really good! Like you said the only problem is some of the blood.

haven’t seen a hl2 themed pic in a while. nice!

looks fuckin’ awesome brother! only problem I see is that the right side is a bit empty

The combinations made to match the corpses are very well done.

Creative use of zombies.

Glowing helmet lens are awesome.

Not really. They are glowing like a flashlights. It looks quite strange

The glow should be toned down a bit IMO.

Thanks for all the comments! I must agree i went a bit crazy on the glow.