Resistance vs Overwatch; Moving out. [2880 x 900]

hi again, it’s been a while since the last time i posted a pose, so here-

a friend and I were bored a couple nights back, and we decided to pose this:

the server actually crashed, but by chance I had my camera out and managed to snap the overwatch side .5 seconds before it went down ;d.

c&c please!

Great posing and edit, one of the best HL2 Themed pictures I’ve seen.

Rebels walking look a bit weird on a few of them, but looks great all in all.

This is outright a genius idea and excellent execution

$10 on the overwatch.

<3 it and everything.

nice but can you make one 1280 by 1024 please?

Here you go.

what have you done. D:

just giving the man what he wanted

looks better at 1280x1024

Could you make one that is 1680x1050?! =3 Pwease?

I cried.

If it was a little bigger, It would fit on dual monitors(Rebels on left monitor,Combine right)
Resulting in awesome explosion.

The. Best. HL2-themed pic. I’ve. Seen.

Real good man, turn the AA up tho.

That’s cool, but it would be better (in my opinion) if it was on the same area and there was a gradual change in the center from the two colours.

nah, didn’t work on my dual monitors. Mostly because of the sizes being different tho.

On topic.
Fucking ace editing you got there, keep it up.

Nice. Top editing and posing.

Fantastic lighting, scale and posing.

if you want to use the thing for duel moniters just resize/seperate it to whatever. :c