Resistance Vtol

I was wondering if someone could make the Vtol from Resistance game. Since all the vtols are mostly helos and from other games like Crysis, I was thinking maybe a change would be needed. Just wondering and hope-ing someone might try. I suck at modeling :confused:

Do you mean this thing?:

Seems somewhat hard to recreate (Atleast in its full detail).
This should probably be posted Here

The reason we have VTOL’s from Crysis is most likely because its a PC title, so I’m guessing its possible to just port it from the game.
In this case, its a PS3 game, and as far as I know you can’t port models from PS3 games.

Maybe something on the same Console then. Maybe the one from Red Faction: Guerilla or from that re-created game, Deus Ex Human Revolution. It would be a nice change than the so-called big iconic titles.

I’ll take a look at RF:G for you, seems there are a few porting tools, gonna see if these are even for models, have to re-install the game.

If I remember correctly, it can be done, it’s just really hard.

That said, I do recall Vtols being present in Resistance: Retribution.