…is futile.

It seems to be a lot more darker that it was supposed to be.
Probably fucked up when I saved it.



Best shooter in the unit.

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Must be an asshole.

OMG! The face of the guy ruins everything…

thats the joke

I know, but if there was not that, the screen would be better I think

Yeah, but in real life, people are born with disabilities.
Also, people go to war in real life.

And anyone can join the resistance.

This poor guy’s name is Asshole, Phillip Asshole a cousin of the famous Major Asshole.

Look in his eyes and tell him that he can’t be a sniper!

I can’t do this

Good, I think you’ve learned a thing or two.

greeeat, they gave Officer Doofy a sniper…

“Hey, smell my finger!”

Cannot… unsee… that face. Besides that, I like the pic. The face expression is stuck in my head, tho

It looked really awesome until I saw that guys face lol